One of the most important decisions in marketing is the naming of a product or service, it is not only important because the product must transmit its benefits but it must be accurate regarding their values and customized to each country. Marketing chief office has to deal with naming when they are arriving at a new region or country, for that reason we want to show you the following compilation of brands with different names around the world.

  1. Burger king in Australia is called Hungry Jack´s because the naming was recorded before for a restaurant in Adelaide, a city in Australia.
  2. KFC selected the name PFK in Quebec Canada since in that city all restaurants brands must use the French language for its names. PFK stand for Poulet Frit Kentucky.
  3. Mars and Milky Way change their names around the world; actually, they are in some countries at the same time.
  4. Budweiser is called just Bud in Europe by reason of there is another beer from the Czech Republic with the same naming: Budweiser.
  5. The most common example of this is Coke, as a result of they use Coca-Cola naming for Spanish speaking countries and Europe basically.
  6. Axe in English means a chopping instrument so Unilever changed Axe for lynx for Anglo countries.
  7. The Mexican beer Corona uses Coronita naming in Spain for the reason that the Corona has been registered before.
  8. Dunkin´ Donuts turned to Dunkin Coffee in Spain because a local competitor has registered the name Donuts.


Esteban FIRMA