How to use 360 degrees ads

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Autor: Joan Fernandez Puig

Published On: julio 16th, 2016

Since Facebook launched the option to post photos and videos in 360 degrees on the 9th of June of the current year many brands have been using this content format. brands offer a full version of a photo or video to their followers and they can choose what they want to watch. This is good because people can interact with this kind of post and not only to watch them.

In fact, some sources like Adweek (2016) argue that 360 degrees content increases the engagement with followers, some brands use this for a promotion of their product, workshops, and events. Is 360 degrees the first step of virtual reality ads? Pokemon has shown that it is possible to offer virtual reality as an entertainment.

It is very important to be detailed because a photo with errors or a video with many distractions could make the opposite impact, people would feel confused and would skip your post.

We want you to see these examples of how to use 360 degrees.





Esteban FIRMA

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