One of the most effective marketing strategies for engagement is the Content,  for offline or online. Content Marketing allows people refreshing the brand awareness and keep it in their mind. On this article, we will show you a KFC disruptive campaign in the United States.

KFC launched a sunscreen with a smell of fried chicken. What? Yes, they made it as part of a brand campaign to promote their new Extra Krispy Fried Chicken. they invite people to protect themselves from the sunburns and to get an amazing Krispy chicken smells to associate it with their new taste. Check the video prom below:

KFC gave more than 3000 bottles of this sunscreen and they have received free press from several newspapers and magazines, a lot of mentions on social media (engagement) and make people talk about the brand. On twitter, their post  has gotten  more than 2.187 retweets and 2.069 likes, on Instagram 18.380 plays and 4.216 likes, finally on YouTube they have achieved more than 335.370 vistas.


Esteban FIRMA