Many social media users around the world have complained about Instagram Stories and how it has copied most of Snapchat features. Actually, there are a lot of memes and parodies about this topic out there, here is one of the funniest and most professional that we have encountered (THE PARODY OF INSTAGRAM STORIES) However, for marketing and brands Instagram Stories are better than Snapchat.

According to Kevin Systrom CEO of Instagram, they have 300 millions of users daily using their app  instead of Snapchat who has 150 million users. It means a bigger group of people for brands to offer products and services. Moreover, Instagram allows brands to find them easily trough the suggestions and Verified Badges  (checked accounts, if you want to verify your brand account write an email to

Snapchat has been offered advertising options recently as you can see it in this article (SNAPCHAT ADVERTISING APP) instead of Instagram that has a lot of experience with advertising models. Also, they use the same configuration of Facebook advertising; this is a very important point because of its easy way to used it. In addition, Instagram has used hashtags and geolocation to find accounts, trending topics and information.

Though, Snapchat has one and big competitive difference, its users. Most of the Snapchat users are millennials; they use the app during the day more than watching TV. So, if you are focusing on this target you should consider this app.

Esteban FIRMA