Pokemon Go is more than a game. This week Nintendo and the technology company Niantic have launched the Pokémom Go game for IOS and Android with and unexpected market answer. This app achieved the number one spot in the app store in just 5 hours after it was launched, it breaks other app records such as Cash of Clans and Candy Crush.


This is a very positive move for Nintendo because after they launched their console Wii in 2006, its sales participation has been decreasing and other competitors such as Sony with PlayStation and Microsoft with X-Box have been increasing their sales records. Furthermore, Nintendo did not focus on the console because they understood that the most effective and popular platform for games has been the smartphones.


This addictive game mix many features that other games have not done before, Pokémon Go uses the cellphone camera, GPS and mobile data (or wifi) to offer an amazing and interactive experience for gamers. The app makes people walk outdoors to find and catch Pokémon trough virtual reality and is offering an experience without any comparations based on the consumer behaviors.

Esteban FIRMA