Solo Weddings

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Autor: Joan Fernandez Puig

Published On: septiembre 3rd, 2016

Most of the romantic comedy movies show a big drama or an impossible love situation that engage the attention of any woman around the world. After a difficult moment, main characters find the courage to achieve their love and then a beautiful moment rises from nowhere….. Both kiss each other, this makes every woman breathe deeply and sometimes it makes them cry.  Later on, the couple gets married and has fun but, what happens if the ideal partner does not appear, what happens if that beautiful kiss never comes and that dreamed wedding never happens?

In Japan, there is a trending behavior about weddings. Women want to have the wedding experience even if they do not have a partner. These kinds of weddings are named as a “Solo weddings”. Since 2014 solo weddings have risen until 140 weddings, basically because women wish to experience those exciting moments before and after the wedding: choosing the dress, accessories, hair styling, makeup, transportation, photo, locations, food, and bouquet just to name few of them.

The pioneer company in this services is Cerca Travel. A Tourism Japanese agency that took advantage of a suggestion from a customer who asked they if they offer a wedding event just for her. After this, Cerca Travel started to offer «Solo Wedding» these ones included two-day event when the lady could select a range of benefits between 3077 USD to 3847 USD. Solo weddings include a meeting with a wedding expert, select a wedding dress, a night in a hotel, make-up,  hairstyling, accessories, a photographic session in a Japanese Garden, and ends with the photos selection. Women could upgrade their purchase including a partner, a special dinner, or a treatment session.

This kind of ideas shows us that there are several needs to satisfied, but the only way to discover them is listening carefully customers, shopper and all market in general.


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